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This company was founded by my great-great grandfather. My great grandmother went into hiding in Holland during the war, and then it seems the company was confiscated then sold. (I am very foggy on this part) It is still called the Stokvis company today. I think if it was actually confiscated, I would be the only surviving person with some interest in it. When my grandmother was alive, she was afraid to pursue it.
American Machinist vol 53 Nov 18 1920
Hollands New Largest Incorporated Company
The R.S. Stokvis & Zonen, Ltd., in Rotterdam, one of the largest contietal dealers of machinery and known in the United States as a representataive of a considerable number of American machine-tool builders, has recently entered into a combine with the Furness Shippig Co. The incorporated company has been formed under the name of "Nederlandsche Maatschappij voor Scheepvaart, Handel en Nijverheid" in Rotterdam (Dutch Company for Shipping Commerce and Industry) with a capital of 100,060,000fl. The Furness Co., originally a shipping agency only, now controls large interests in Dutch commerce and shipping. It is the owner of ten companies, among which are the Nieuwe Waterweg," the Maschinefabriek Delft-shaven" and the lignite mininng company Carisborg. It further owns a controlling interest of seven other companies, including the "Alliance Transportation Co, in New York and London which acts as a shipping agent for the combine. Stokvis & Zonen maintains eleven branches in Holland and has offices in Paris, Brussels, Petrograd, New York and London, the latter under the stule of the "Metal and Hardware Products, Ltd." The New York office is the American buying office of the compay. Besides the company owns cycle works, a steel export company in Rotterdam, and the "Automatic Screw Works" in Nijmegen.
The newly formed combine represents the largest incorporated company in Holland and one of the biggest in the whole continent of Europe. Th. Stokvis is one of the managers. Two other of the Stokvis brothers, H. Stokvis and L. Stokvis are directors.

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Let's see if I can do this.  

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Stella Taschlicky poetry

No Screwing in Worcester House

No screwing in Worcester House,
No tip-toeing like a mouse
The landlord gets vicious
if you're surreptitious-
ly screwing in Worcester House

No screwing in Worcester House
Unless it's a proper spouse.
No impersonations
of solid relations
for screwing in Worcester House.

No screwing in Worcester House
and don't call mine host a louse.
Stop casting aspersions,
find other diversions
or get out of Worcester House.

Stella Taschlicky

Stella Taschlicky poetry


Over a large hearth, two moved slowly,
with the time wealth of long-gathered harvests,
under a sky load of blue-punctured greys.

With slight motion, they nudged the distance,
trespassing the fenced day with a burden-
something they carried, walking gently not to break.

Bone-proud he was, above his woman
of shadows and mouse fingers.  Their greetings were tipped
with pin-prick knowledge of other apples.

Stella Taschlicky

Some of Mom's poetry for Mother's Day


Not again would I turn back to angular roads,
where adjective-heavy boughs throw back
shadows, black, on soul-white gravel;
nor find reprimand on the eyes of butterfly wings,
and praise, in a glimpse of scampering rabbits;
not again pilfer the dark pine for ecstasy
nor the running stream for my image;
nor blow skepticism in the parachutes of dandalion seeds,
and court redemption in a speckled bird egg.
Not again would I turn to find
the whole world poisoned in a rotten apple.

Stella Taschlicky

Friday, December 26, 2014

This is from the UPI from May 12, 1948....

Arabs Prepare 3-Month Blitz On Jews After British Leave-
Leaders Expect to Lose 'Million Men' To Stop Partition

Events are moving toward a crisis in Palestine.  Arabs have vowed to fight anybody who tries to partition the Holy Land and the Jews are equally determined to stay in Palestine.  Robert C.Miller, United Press correspondent, has just returned to the United States after spending almost a year in the Mid-East.  He has written three dispatches.telling of the plans of the three parties to the Holy Land dispute--the Arabs, the Jews, and the British.  Here is the first one.

Arab Leaders say they expect to lose "a million men" before the strife in Palestine is over.

They predict a three-month blitzkrieg beginning within 24 hours after the British give up their mandate in May.  They say tanks, artillery and bombers will attack Jewish communities.

They have repeated their determination to resist to death "any force which tries to partition Palestine"

Six months ago such threats would have been ridiculed by Middle Eastern observers.  Today they are being heeded and regarded as "possibilities."

Backed by the Arab League

The Arab resistance to the partition of Palestine is led by the Arab Executive, a group of Palestinian Arabs headed by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.  It also has the complete support and backing of the Arab League composed of all the Moslem states in the Middle East.

Seldom in Moslem history has anything united the warring, bickering Arabs as has their opposition to partitioning.  It has assumed all the aspects of a holy war which their leaders swear they will fight until Zionism is eliminated and a "free, democratic state established in Palestine."

The Arabs are extremely bitter at the United Nations and the United States.  They argue that America pressured the United Nations into voting partition and, parliamentary action.

Guerrilla Tactics

The Arabs have been conducting small-scale guerrilla raids on Jewish settlements and communications for the last few weeks. They plan to step up these activities in the coming months.  Originally, Arab strategy was to arm quietly, and prepare themselves during the winter months but to give no indication of their strength.  Then, once the British evacuated, they planned to close in with a series of surprise attacks and overwhelm the Jews.

Their propganda, however, had a much greater reaction on the emotional Arabs than was expected. Immediately after the U.N. acted on partition, spontaneous riots broke out in Palestine and elsewhere in the Middle East.  These attacks tipped the Arab hand and the Jews immediately prepared for a long, tough fight.

Strategy Revised

The revised Arab strategy is to train in Syria and neighboring Arab counties, troops for guerrilla warfare.  The training schedule has been completed for thousands of these men and they are now filtering across the border to Palestine.  Headquarters of the Arab liberation army is near Nablus, deep in Arab territory and surrounded by the rocky Samaritan Hills.

These troops are well equipped, armed with rifles, automatic weapons, grenades and machine guns.  They are highly mobile unites, designed for hit and run attacks on Jewish settlements in the outlying areas, for ambushes and raids on communications.

The Arabs hope pressure from these attacks will so weaken the Jewish economy and defenses that very little effective resistance will be possible when they launch their all-out attack.

There is no shortage of volunteers for the Arab armies.  Tribesmen from all over the Middle East have swarmed in to volunteer.

All the Arab nations have contributed large sums to the campaign and arms are being supplied the liberation army from government stores in each of the Arab countries.

article can be seen here

Been away too long

I left off writing this blog when my mother died, in 2011.  I miss her very much.  To honor her memory I will carry on.   

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arabs against absorption of refugees

Arabs against absorption of refugees (NYT, 1966)

From The New York Times, April 4, 1966:

JERUSALEM (Jordanian Sector), March 30—"The Arab states will not integrate the Palestine refugees because integration would be a slow process of liquidating the Palestine problem," Ahmed Shukairy, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, declared in an interview today.

"Consequently, the refugees don't want to be integrated," he continued. "If there are no Palestinian people, there is no Palestinian cause. We can't conceive of a Babylonian cause today because there are no Babylonians. But we start from the premise that we will achieve the liberation of Palestine soon."

Arab refusal to assimilate the 1.3 million refugees now living in four host countries— Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, controlled by the United Arab Republic—has been the subject of criticism from Israel and from the Western nations that have contributed to supporting the refugees for most of the 18 years since Israel came into existence.

read it all here:

Arabs against absorption of refugees

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Exclusive: The Real Story of CNN’s Firing of Jerusalem Bureau Journalists

Follow-up to original article about CNN firing its Jewish staff.

CNN’s decision to fire four Jewish Israeli journalists from the cable network’s Jerusalem bureau earlier this month was due in part to their religion and nationality, and to their perceived inability to operate freely throughout the Middle East, the Algemeiner has learned.

“The fact is, just Jewish Israelis were fired from CNN,” said a source who was directly involved in the layoffs and who requested anonymity. While reports said CNN had fired all its Jewish workers from the bureau, the source told the Algemeiner that “they left 2 Jewish Israeli journalists but here’s the catch, they’re each working one shift a week for 8 hours.”


Exclusive: The Real Story of CNN’s Firing of Jerusalem Bureau Journalists