Sunday, April 18, 2010

Israel prepares for Remembrance Day

From the Jerusalem Post:

When the nation bows its head on Sunday evening for Remembrance Day, it will be mourning the 22,682 servicemen and women who fell defending the Land of Israel since 1860 – the year the first Jews left Jerusalem’s Old City walls to settle other parts of the country.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Friend of the Enemy - Michael Barone - National Review Online

National Review Online

Barack Obama’s decision to postpone his trip to Indonesia and Australia — to a democracy with the world’s largest Muslim population and to the only nation that has fought alongside us in all the wars of the last century — is of a piece with his foreign policy generally: attack America’s friends and kowtow to our enemies.

Examples run from Britain to Israel. Early in his administration, Obama returned a bust of Churchill that the British government had loaned the White House after 9/11. Then Obama gave Prime Minister Gordon Brown a set of DVDs that don’t work on British machines and that Brown, who has impaired vision, would have trouble watching anyway.
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