Monday, June 02, 2008

Mohammed Al-Dura -- Real or Real Hoax?

The new court ruling in French and in English. If you want to catch up on the details first I recommend the HONEST REPORTING timeline here:

The Court decision or "I would not like to be Charles Enderlin" at the Augean Stables: here

It is generally a good feeling when the truth comes out, even when it is late in coming. This time however, I feel this hoax (if it is one, and I believe it is)is responsible for the deaths and maiming of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians.

Be sure to see the 18 minutes of unedited footage below as well. Especially pleasing is seeing little Mo peeking out from under his arm some seconds after we was supposedly shot. How about an autopsy of the little boy along with some DNA testing of Dad and boy? Time to lay this business to rest and find out the truth.

I believe that France 2 will not want to take this to France's higher court although it claims it does. If it does it will doubtless be disgraced again. Claiming to appeal and not doing so is their best way to save face, and nothing at all will come of it in the long run.