Thursday, January 05, 2006

The End of an Era in Israel

Whatever happens with Ariel Sharon over the next days and weeks, he will clearly not be returning to Israeli politics. It is the passing of an era.

I first became a fan of Sharon when he exercised his right to go to the Temple Mount as a Jew, showing Barak and the world the intolerance of those people, the so-called 'Palestinians' who would (not) share space with the Jews of Israel.

These self-same 'Palestinians' dance with glee and pass out candies over the hopes of Sharon's death. This is no surprise. They would do the same for Netanyahu. They do it with lesser glee over the death of any Israeli, passing out the sweets after a suicide attack. That is one of the things that differeniates them from us.

Netanyahu handed over cities to control of the PA. Sharon took the settlers out of Gaza. Both were actions the Palestinians and virtually the rest of the world, were 'demanding'. Hey, but to quote the late great Rodney Dangerfield "I don't get no respect." The Israelis 'don't get no respect' for their sacrifices for peace. They certainly don't get peace.

Well, anyway, Ariel Sharon has always had my respect, even if I haven't agreed with his vision about everything. He has been a strong and determined leader and always put his people first. Sharon has been a great guardian of the Israeli people. His entire life was dedicated to public service. Our prayers are with him now.


RodoMXOZ said...

Greetings from Mexico

At our BLOG: News a la Mexicana, we have tried our best to acknowledge the efforts Israel and its people make to find peace.

We are also sad that Sharon suffered a stroke, but we hope he recovers or that at the very least, the spirit of peace continues to live in the hearts of the Israelis.

Stella said...

Exactly my feelings that you have voiced here so well. Already the world seems a bit more dreary as we miss his vibrant, decisive stride.

Juanita said...

Check out the photos posted by Sachin of Arabs celebrating at the
MiddleEastInfo forum