Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Internet Jihad

Recently my regular forum was hacked and went down, along with over 100 other blogs, including a few in my 'must read' list, such as Little Green Footballs. You can read about it at Michelle Malkin's blog. I was going to send you over to Aaron's cc: , but when I popped over there to check it out again it had been hacked yet again. If you want to see the hack, it is at . I think the regular blog is at but they hijacked it. Hopefully Aaron will get the situation fixed in a hurry. "They" are the Muslim Brotherhood this time, according to aarons, --they apparently left a calling card in the hack.

Little Green Footballs seems to think it was the Saudis, or did think so yesterday. A couple of years ago Malkin was hacked and she said it was the Turks that time.

So at any rate, D. and I decided to post at some different forums. As a social liberal in many ways I decided to go see what the Left was saying about Israel/Palestine in their forums so signed up for the Democratic Underground Forum . The forum requires a 24-hour waiting period if you sign up from Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail or Gmail etc. So we went in to check it out.

There were a couple of Zionists and a slew of "anti-Zionists" there. Negative things about Israel were raised and praised, Palestinians were raised and praised. Nothing bad was permitted to be said about Palestinians, yet IDF were called 'murdering racist thugs' with impunity. Arutz-Sheva was called "a right wing racist scum" newspaper and I was roundly excoriated for recommending it, along with the Jerusalem Post, as a balance to Ha'aretz. Three days in, I got a popup window saying my posting privileges were revoked! (I swear I had said not one bad word nor called anyone a name!). The form said I could write in and ask questions, and that they answered all email, so I did so, asking simply why I had been banned.

Honestly, the only reason I can figure is my point of view, which is pro-Israeli. It has been a number of days now and I have got no answer from them at all.

Meanwhile D. was still posting (for 2 more days) when! in the middle of a post he got the word! POSTING PRIVILEGES REVOKED! What made the timing of that particularly annoying was that he had just been called a "liar" by a fellow poster regarding the situation in Iraq, and he was defending his position.

It seems the Democratic Underground cannot brook any counterarguments. They have made an intellectual ghetto over there --or I should say a non-intellectual ghetto-- where all they do is stroke one another.

Oh and another thing I found interesting was that the ONLY conflict that was at that board was the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict. I brought that question up, asking why it was that when there were presumably 70 conflicts going on in the world that this forum only had that one? What about Kashmire, Afghanistan etc?

After I was banned, I noticed that my thread was gone, and a number of my posts had been deleted as well as my name. The same thing happened to D. So it appears that the Democratic Underground is not really into free speech, real debate, or pro-Israel posters. How too bad.

Jews have always been known as strong supporters of human and civil rights. They were extremely active for civil rights in this country during the MLK era, and Jewish activists were even murdered for their support of civil rights for Blacks.

Now that many (most ) American Jews support Israel's fight against the terror perpetrated by the Palestinians, many Democrats and so-called 'Progressives' shun/denounce Jews who support Israel as 'racists.'

The have become a part of the Internet Jihad, silencing the very same position that the Jihadists are attempting to silence.

I am at a loss to understand how the Jihadists are more 'progressive' than D. or I! Anyway, will keep you posted if I ever find out why either one of us got banned.


Rachel said...

A sort of terrorist censorship through hacking, and the general silencing of those with differing opinions.
A most disturbing phenomenon - and unfortunately one hears far too little about it.

philip said...

Juanita, I have a buddy--obviously a masochist-- who delights in wending his way into leftist websites, and raises oh-so-polite but unanswerable critiques. Yeah, I know it's like shooting legless chickens in a barrel.

Ol' Rich CONSTANTLY gets banned from these sites, only because he patiently argues against their rotten ideology. He's even had moderators praise him off-line, but they can't get him re-instated.

Just realize, these people are pocket-Stalinists and they'd send you off to the Kolyma if they had the chance.

BTW, I'm back at MEIC.