Monday, September 04, 2006

Back Again

Mea culpa on not being here. Been elsewhere. Anyway here now and these are my current thoughts:

On Human Rights Watch and Kenneth Roth and the worldwide campaign to discredit Israel.

As Maurice Osterman said in his Open Letter to Human Rights Watch Director, Kenneth Roth in the NY Sun here:

I read your article “indiscriminate bombardment” in the Jerusalem Post of August 18, with a mixture of sadness and astonishment. Sadness, because the type of biased reporting in your article, damages the credibility of your great
humanitarian organization.

Astonishment, because your methodology flatly contradicts HRW’s claim that it employs researchers to conduct fact-finding investigations into human rights abuses. The presentation of conjecture as facts in your article cannot by any stretch of imagination be considered as fact-finding,. The latter requires impartial examination and evaluation of all the available evidence without regard to whether or not it may contradict preconceived opinions. Allow me to be explicit.

Which he does get -con't

HRW --
The cover of his webpage contains a discredited as 'staged' photo from Qana. A Lebanese Volunteer carries a child killed in an Israeli air raid in Qana. (specifically on this page: )
In HRW report entitled :

Fatal Strikes
Israel’s Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon
the following discredited report is given:
Attacks on Fleeing Civilians
Wounding of Six Ambulance Drivers and Three Patients, July 23
On July 23, at 11:15 p.m., Israeli warplanes struck two clearly marked Red Cross ambulances in the village of Qana. The ambulances, which had Red Cross flags illuminated by a spot light mounted on the ambulance, were transferring three wounded Lebanese civilians from one ambulance to the other when the planes struck. A weapon directly hit one ambulance, and a second attack struck the second ambulance a few minutes later. All six of the Red Cross workers were injured during the attack, and the three patients they were treating suffered additional injuries. One of the patients, a middle-aged man, lost his leg in the ambulance strike, while his elderly mother was partially paralyzed. The third patient, a young boy, received multiple shrapnel wounds to the head.107

Making medical or religious personnel, medical units or medical transports the object of attack is a war crime.108
One of these stories of the ambulances has got to be false.It's all here:

As for the movies:
hizbullah shooting Missles from Kfar Qana
Do Not Launch Missiles from your Garden
Hizbollah Uses Civilians

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