Monday, March 17, 2008

Yahoo! Community Members Please Report this AntiSemitic Page

This needs to be taken down:

Q: Is the jewish strategy inspired by ancient "scripture"?
I'm thinking of the way judaism glorifies genocide - Joshua and Jericho,that type of thing. Are they basing their whole politico-military strategy on mimicing these old atrocities?

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Yes,but more so in recent years than in the 1940's. The rise of the Religious Right in jewish-occupied Palestine has resulted in an increasing identification of the biblical enemies with various Arab peoples. Certainly Orthodox jews consider mass-murder to be very honorable,and any reader of the Old Testament is acutely aware of the creepy preoccupation with killing babies,as in phrases such as "spare not the suckling babe" and the repeated recommedation to dash their brains out against rocks. There's worse in the Talmud. Today the viciousness of the ancient hebrews is a guiding principle in the continuing attempt to liquidate the remaining Palestinians.

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