Saturday, November 28, 2009

More on the "Global Warming" fiasco

good article from AIM on so-called "Global Warming"

Blogs: The New Peer-Review Process
By K. Daniel Glover | November 24, 2009

"Climate scientists who believe man is warming the globe have a love-hate relationship with the blogosphere. They love their own blogs but hate that critics also use blogs to bypass the "peer review" process in order to question the science behind global warming theory.

The conflicting attitudes toward new media emerge in e-mails made public last week as the result of a computer hacking at a climate research unit in England.

Global warming advocates appreciated the potential power of blogs enough in late 2004 to launch the group blog RealClimate. Inspired by their "frustration with the current state of media reporting on the climate change issue," they saw the blog as a way "to be a little bit more pro-active" in responding to critics."

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Blogs: The New Peer-Review Process

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