Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hamas' response to the Goldstone report coming up soon

Hamas' line of defense - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

Hamas' line of defense

Jonathan Dahohah Halevi analyzes Hamas’ response to Goldstone’s charges 02.04.10

Israel has recently delivered to the United Nations Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon its official response to the UN’s fact finding mission to Operation Cast Lead, headed by Judge Richard Goldstone. Hamas’ government is also preparing to submit its official response before the grace period of six months set to the parties by the Goldstone committee is over.

In sharp contrast to the genuine fears expressed by Israel, Hamas does not seem to feel any threat in the legal arena. On the contrary, Hamas demonstrates self-confidence based on the understanding that the Goldstone committee strived only to incriminate Israel and all other limited references to the other side were just for lip service without any legal significance.

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