Sunday, March 12, 2006

Reflections on the Death of Milosevic

The death of Slobadan Milosevic reminded me of a long story I read a while back in The Emperor's New Clothes which was a huge story which was extremely plausible, but I recognized it as a "conspiracy theory." Thus because I heard nothing more about it, I dismissed it "with prejudice." But with the death of Milosevic; my friend rodders put up several posts at MEIC, one of which include this link. I missed it when it came out a year ago. It seems the 'conspiracy theory' may well be the God's honest TRUTH.

A Jewish Albatross: The Serbs:

"A Jewish Albatross: The Serbs
By Julia Gorin March 16, 2005

Imagine that a country is fighting domestic terrorism by Muslim militants who are carrying out attacks against police, government officials and citizens in a bid to carve out their own state, hoping to provoke a response from the government that will alarm the international community. Imagine that the world duly intervenes, and a peacekeeping force is sent in, paralyzing the nation’s ability to defend itself, and effectively doing the militants’ bidding even as attacks against the non-Muslim population continue. Finally, imagine the intervening internationals severing this nation’s Jerusalem from it and handing it to the provocateurs.

It sounds like a worst-case scenario for the Israeli people, but it is a fate that actually befell the Serbian people, who this year may lose Kosovo as the deadline approaches for determining the status of the province, where Christian churches, monasteries and homes were burned to the ground in pogroms in March of last year. They will lose Kosovo to Albanian Muslims, whose fates are now entirely in the hands of the international Islamist factions with whom they, and we, cast their lot. As a reprisal of last March looms on the horizon (Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj stepped down when he was indicted for war crimes last week, and the UN Mission in Kosovo was promptly bombed), the reticence about butchered Serbian octogenarians, children and other civilians--alternating with dismissal of these atrocities, even six years later, as “revenge killings”--intimates that terrorized Serbs are an even bigger yawn than terrorized Israelis. That’s why I am calling upon my fellow Jews to break their own conspicuous silence."

Highly recommended reading.


Rachel said...

I am still reeling from the power and truth of this fine article. The evil words 'Tell a lie long enough and people will believe it,' come to mind. One feels ashamed of having seen this through the generally accepted blinkers all these many years.

Anonymous said...
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