Saturday, March 11, 2006

Understanding the Arabs

This article is

Understanding the Arabs: Cross Cultural Communications With the Arab World:
"Learning to Think like an Arab Muslim:
a Short Guide to Understanding the Arab Mentality"

Dealing with terrorism, especially Islamic Fundamentalists, requires an intimate knowledge of terrorism, terrorist operations, and especially the key cultural features that makes up the Arab psyche. An understanding and detailed background knowledge of the Arab mentality is critical to performing accurate threat analysis. Understanding Arab culture can provide valuable insights into the changing nature of Post 9-11 terrorism, and how to rank and prioritize potential threats. To outsmart our clever and elusive Islamic terrorist foes, one must first understand what makes him tick. This paper is based on years of experience in the Middle East, and is dedicated to helping the reader understand the Arab mentality."

Read this to get a better understanding of the Arab Psyche. (Thanks again to Mîzgin from Rastîbini)

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Rachel said...

This is a very informative article. It gives a overview of this ancient and determined people and their beliefs that we ignore to our peril.