Friday, December 01, 2006

Israel, Uranium, Lebanon, Fisk; Lies, Lies, and more Lies

Camera's Blog came out with this today, debunking the charge that Israel used uranium weaponry in the latest conflagration.

Anti-Israel agitator-cum-journalist Robert Fisk has a habit of fabricating stories about Israeli atrocities. Recently, he speculates that Israel has developed and used a "secret new uranium-based weapon" in Lebanon this summer "Mystery of Israel's Secret Uranium Bomb," Oct. 28, 2006, Fisk cites alleged results of tests on soil samples collected from bomb craters in Lebanon. These tests were conducted by Chris Busby, the British Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk — a group of scientists who believe that internal radiation emitters, especially depleted uranium (DU), are the main cause of the world wide cancer "epidemic."

Fisk's piece reads like science fiction — and apparently it was. Experts from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) released a statement on November 8, stating that they had found:

no evidence of penetrators or metal made of DU or other radioactive material. In addition, no DU shrapnel, or other radioactive residue was found. The analysis of all smear samples taken shows no DU, nor enriched Uranium nor higher than natural uranium content in the samples.

I had been following this since it originally began being bantered about. Fisk's 'evidence' is all garnered from the work of a Chris Busby, presumably a physicist specialising in Uranium, and a member of the Green Party.

The following 2 web pages lay out his methodology in relation to an argument with a detractor named Dan Fahey, also apparently someone with impressive letters behind his name.

On the second page "breakingwinds2" [is he trying to tell us something?, lol], Busby explains his methodology and claims he found, NOT depleted uranium, but ! ENRICHED URANIUM.

4. Both methods showed the presence of ENRICHED URANIUM. This was unexpected. Dan Fahey has accused us of finding what we set out to find. This is untrue. We set out to look for DU on the basis of what we knew about the radiation levels reported. We actually found EU.

5..It is now suggested that the Enriched Uranium is ‘only slightly enriched’. This is untrue. We do not know what the level of enrichment is, since we are looking at a soil sample which would have had normal uranium present. If we allow for that the enrichment ratio is about 100 which is the input mix that can be used for some nuclear reactors.

Mr Busby says on the same page: "The air filter results will appear shortly. ....We still have some of this sample and are conducting further tests e.g. U-236. .....And as you will discover shortly, it is also elsewhere in the country."

We are of course waiting with bated breath for the further results, as rumours fly faster than bullets around here.

In the meantime, Fisk and others have lost no time in spreading the story, true to the old adage that a lie will get halfway around the world before the truth gets its shoes on. If you don't believe it, Google it You will even find this story! Confirmed: Israel Nuked Lebanon!

But is it true? The skeptic delves.

The first debunking article I found was this one:
Press release, Amsterdam, 12th October, 2006

Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions used in Lebanon?

In order to verify or to falsify the assertions that DU has been used, Henk van der Keur from the Laka Foundation brought a visit to Lebanon as part of a delegation from the Amsterdam based organisation Dromen, Denk, Durven, Doen (Dreaming, Thinking, to Dare, to Do), among others working on human rights issues and questions on the Middle East.


At his home Kobeissi had collected tens of samples from shrapnel and soil from more than 50 different places. None of these samples measured a higher radiation dose rate than the background radiation dose rate. The samples were measured with a calibrated geiger counter from Laka Foundation.


In short, there is no reason to believe that DU weaponry has been used by Israel during the July/August 2006 war.

So, so far we have the UN, and a human rights group using scientific methods and not being able to find this enriched uranium at all!

Then the other day this:

Lebanese Scientist: Southern Lebanon Radiation-Free
12:46 Nov 03, '06 / 12 Cheshvan 5767

( There are no signs of radiation as a result of IDF bombing the war against Hizbullah terrorists, a Lebanese scientist has told Voice of Lebanon radio. "We stick to the fact that uranium-based munitions were not used during the recent war; we have not detected any radiation proving the presence of depleted uranium," said Mouin Hamzeh, president the National Council for Scientific Research.

Hizbullah terrorists, environmental and human rights groups have claimed that samples of bombed out craters showed high radiation levels.

And finally, while I am no nuclear scientist, there is a common-sense analysis of the issue here at the shlemazl blog, along with some excellent comments on the Fisk article.

So, now we have the UN, and a human rights group, and the National Council for Scientific Research in Lebanon and none are able to find this uranium at all! Those who claim, with Busby and the world of anti-Israel bloggers, that Israel "nuked" Lebanon have not a whit more evidence to advance their 'cause'. Meanwhile we are hoping that Mr Busby will hurry with his further evidence, or in lieu of that, acknowledge his errors in the first one, so that Mr Fisk and others can correct the record.



Anonymous said...

I do not believe Robert Fisk is a liar. Cui bono?

It is the Israel Lobby who are prone to barefaced lying, and the head of the UN WHO body who said there were 'no traces' is unlikely to be reliable.

There are two reasons why I make these assertions:

1. The newsvideo eveidence was there night after night on the TV: air strikes and shelling of mixed warhead types. The two warheads\projectiles behave in quite distinctive ways and cannot be mistaken one for the other once you know what you are looking for. High explosive strikes are signalled by high-speed upwards 'finger' detonation with little trace of colour or flame. The typical DU detonation of "Whump, slight pause, upward stem of yellow-orange flame, black roll-over mushroom cloud often with falling sparkles of burning DU slivers" cannot be mistaken for high explosive, white phosphorus,
or the new mixed high energy weapons using microwaves...

2. You cannot detect nanno-particulate DU or EU with an ordinary geiger counter. It requires specialist equipment. for example, I believe there are only 2 labs in the world [certainly a very small number] which can detect DU contamination of urine and other human samples.

As far as I am concerned the assertions made in this article are crap designed to head off massive compensation claims by Lebanes and Israelis alike who have been contaminated both sides of the border [not to mention those poor boys and girls in the IDF] who will develop massive health problems, cancers and teratogenetic births which will begin appearing and rolling forward in 2 to 3 years time and accelerate thereafter. Just like they have in Iraq and Bosnia from 1991 onwards...

Juanita said...

Anonymous, your assertion that the 'Israel Lobby is 'prone to lying,' demonstrates your bias immediately. The UNEP (the UN Environment Programme), the Union of Lebanese Scientists, nor the Dutch Peace Group "Laka"... are members of the 'Israel Lobby'.

If you are referring to CAMERA, this is a grassroots media watchdog whose keyword is ACCURACY, which is all too lacking coming these days from those who share your bias.

Henk van der Keur and Mouin Hamzeh & UNEP ran their tests to validate Busby's position, the position taken by Fisk. It may be no coincidence that Busby is described as a Green Party "activist" and the Green Party is notorius for its negatively biased position against Israel. But never mind the question of bias for a moment. Does the rest of Anonymous' post stand up?

Anon declares that Fisk is telling the truth, the Israel Lobby is lying, and the head of UNEP is 'unlikely to be reliable' -all based on the following two reasons

1)newsvideo footage of the bombings

2)only 2 (or a few) geiger counters can detect nano-particulate DU or EU.

Regarding the video footage that is supposed to be proof-positive of a 'typical DU detonation' - Anon seems to forget that neither Busby nor Dr. Kobeissi claimed they found DU.

"On September 25 Van der keur visited Dr. Kobeissi in Nabatiyeh. ..... He stressed that he has never said 'depleted uranium' and regretted the political bickerings between different sects."

Busby says: "We set out to look for DU ..... We actually found EU."

DU was not found. So I wonder how these explosions could have the tell-tale signs of DU and yet no one has found any DU there?

Juanita said...
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Jewish Odysseus said...

Good work here, Juanita!

You'd think after the "bullseye on the Red Cross ambulance" hoax of last summer, that these bleating morons and drive-by media propogandists wd have at least tried a more plausible story...but no.

BTW, since the Jooooos control the newsmedia, why are there so many vicious media hatchet-jobs against Israel? lol

Juanita said...

Anon said:>>... the head of the UN WHO body [who said there were 'no traces'] is unlikely to be reliable.

NAIROBI (AFP) - UN experts have found no evidence to support a press report that Israel used depleted uranium (DU) munitions during the July-August conflict in Lebanon, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has said.

"The samples taken by the UNEP scientists show no evidence of penetrators or metal made of DU or other radioactive material," UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner said in a statement Tuesday.

"In addition, no DU shrapnel, or other radioactive residue was found. The analysis of all smear samples taken shows no DU, nor enriched uranium nor higher than natural uranium content in the samples."
The UNEP statement said a sub-team of inspectors looking specifically at the DU issue had visited 32 sites south and north of the Litani river.

"Following strict field procedures, a range of smear, dust and soil samples were taken. The samples were analysed in October-November at an internationally-recognised laboratory in Switzerland," it said.

UNEP had sent the team as part of an assessment into environmental damage caused by the conflict.

They checked 32 different sites. If you read this you will see that the only samples that tested positive were those that came from one site; the one that Ali Kubaissi took researcher Dai Williams to - and who subsequently passed those samples to Busby, who sent them on to the labs.

So asking oneself who is this Ali Kubaissi, I found the following information: