Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Jimmy plays fast and loose with the truth

From a recent interview with Jimmy Carter regarding his new anti-Israel screed.

SPIEGEL: You also mentioned the hatred for the United States throughout the Arab world which has ensued as a result of the invasion of Iraq. Given this circumstance, does it come as any surprise that Washington's call for democracy in the Middle East has been discredited?

Carter: No, as a matter of fact, the concerns I exposed have gotten even worse now with the United States supporting and encouraging Israel in its unjustified attack on Lebanon.

SPIEGEL: But wasn't Israel the first to get attacked?

Carter: I don't think that Israel has any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation of Lebanon. What happened is that Israel is holding almost 10,000 prisoners, so when the militants in Lebanon or in Gaza take one or two soldiers, Israel looks upon this as a justification for an attack on the civilian population of Lebanon and Gaza. I do not think that's justified, no.

Spiegel Interview with Jimmah here

Is the "10,000 prisoners" true or false ??

From WIKI:

Lebanese prisoners in Israel

There are according to Hezbollah's list (see below) currently FOUR known Lebanese citizens in Israeli prisons. Hezbollah has demanded the release of these prisoners as as condition for releasing Israeli reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, captured in the raid which sparked the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. Israel admits to holding just three Lebanese prisoners.[1]

1. Samir Kuntar is serving four life sentences for murder for a 1979 attack on a civilian apartment block in Nahariya, Israel.

2. Nissim Nasser is an Israeli of Lebanese descent who was arrested in 2002 for spying for Hezbollah.[1]

3. Yehia Skaff is accused of participating in the 1978 Coastal Road massacre. Israel has not confirmed that it is holding Skaff, but according to Hezbollah, several former Lebanese detainees claim to have seen him in prison.

4.Ali Faratan is a fisherman.[1] Hezbollah gave no reason for his alleged detention. FROM WIKI

Reading on in Wiki one learns that, though the accuracy of these numbers is disputed, the Lebanese Permanent Representative to the UN claims there are 12 others, and there are a possible 12 more.

Carter's 10,000 Lebanese prisoners has been diminished to Hezbollah's 4, Lebanon's Permanent Representative's 12 and an assortment of uncatergorized 12, for a total of 28.

Jimmah was off by mere 9,972. In his assertion that Israel had no moral justification for its retaliation against Lebanon, he was forced to INVENT. I guess the truth simply does not serve the cause that Jimmah does.

Now, as nobody points out, if a simple numerical tally is beyond the peanut farmer's comprehension what about the more complex/controversial issues such as his allusion to the aparthied stain he so generously brushes Israel with?

Jimmy Carter fell into his Nobel Prize by actions precipitated by Sadat/Begin without his two peanuts' worth. It is sad that Carter is being abused by his own prejudices.

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Only off by 9,972? Hey...HE'S IMPROVING SINCE 1980!!

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