Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Book Reviews

MUST-READ on Jimmy Carter's New Book --

Carter's Palestine-Israel Book: It's Even Worse Than They Say - Gidon D. Remba

Carter's top 10 misrepresentations reveal systematic anti-Israel bias and a Manichean view of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

A close reading of Carter's Palestine-Israel book leads to the inescapable conclusion: it's even worse than the critics say. The book is replete with major errors of fact, all systematically biased against Israel. Carter never makes a single factual error that works in Israel's favor, or against the Palestinians. He offers an abundance of misstatements and distortions that paint Israel black.

...Throughout the book Carter unfailingly shows deep sympathy for Palestinian perceptions, while displaying little understanding for Israeli attitudes or needs. The book suffers from a deep and uncritical pro-Palestinian bias that makes a mockery of Carter's pretensions to fair arbiter and peacemaker.

And while we are checking out the new anti-Israel books, read a review of the forthcoming Mearsheimer and Walt screed.

You've read the study, now you will get to read the book. Farrar, Straus and Giroux have paid $750,000 in advance for the book of the century, "The Israel Lobby." If you liked "Israel Lobby: The Study" you'll love "Israel Lobby: the book." It is sure to be accompanied by hundreds of interviews and write-ups in which the authors insist that nobody is allowed to criticize Israel. It will sell hundreds of thousands of copies to folks who insist that nobody is allowed to criticize Israel.

When you've read read the book, you'll get to see the movie. Mel Gibson will produce it and star in it. It promises to be a bigger blockbuster than "The Passion." Central casting at a major studio is already searching for a character who will play the nefarious representative of the "Israel Lobby" pictured below.

Go read and enjoy

The contradiction is amazing. Why did the powerful Israeli Lobby permit Farrar Strass to publish such a book?

More on the Carter screed tomorrow...

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Jewish Odysseus said...

Juanita, beginning about 1986 (when he publicly sympathized w/terror regime boss Khaddafi whom Regan had just bombed), I only need to see 3 little words to believe THE OPPOSITE of what he says:

"by Jimmy Carter"