Monday, December 05, 2005

2 Friends have Blogs

Two of my web-friends have blogs I wish to share with you. They are both excellent blogs, one is Rastî's new Kurdish blog , and the other is my London friend's blog, called JustifyThis! .

Sadly, my London friend's blog is filled with all the news about today's Netanya suicide bombing from the Jerusalem Post. 5 Dead. 66 Wounded. Just like that. Lives destroyed.


J said...

im the london friend, but who's this?

gimme a clue

Juanita said...

a clue.... hmmmm....

I have a friend whose a lawyer in Florida, a cyber-friend. You are a cyberfriend too. I dropped over and signed in at your place yesterday... begins with a "C" ...married to nobody hoho ---

J said...

concheet, it's you. (thought so)

I didn't know you were married to "nobody". Ya learn something new everyday.

Mizgîn said...

Pîroz be! Juanita, on your new blog. I know your excellent research skills will serve you well here.

May you continue to educate for many years.