Saturday, December 10, 2005

Group Says Poland Main CIA Stop in Europe

A Human Rights Watch investigator said in remarks published Friday that Poland was the CIA's main center for secretly detaining terror suspects in Europe.

It seems that HRW has a CIA informant passing it information. hmmm..
The Washington Post first reported the alleged existence of secret prisons in eastern Europe and other countries last month.

Secret facilities and harsh interrogation methods would violate European human rights conventions. Leaders in both Romania and Poland have denied the allegations and signaled their willingness to cooperate with a European investigation.
Forbes Article

So the US might be doing "harsh interrogation" of terror suspects in Poland, of all places. hmmmm POLAND, home of AUSCHWITZ­/ BIRKENAU, BELZEC, CHELMO, GROSS­ROSEN, MAJDANEK, PLASZOW, SOBIBOR, STUTTHOF, TREBLINKA

So let's see now... and what countries are complaining? Give me a(reality)break!

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Succinctly said.