Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yesterday the UN Celebrated Anti-Corruption Day

rotflmao. I couldn't find the Reuters link but here is the Yahoo!one.

Hey but that ain't nuthin'. For sheer chutzpah try this on for size: "As Iran vows to wipe Israel off the map, UN displays Israel-free map"
United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, presidents of the U.N. General Assembly and the Security Council and other dignitaries attended a U.N. "Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People" in which a large "Map of Palestine" on which Israel does not exist was displayed prominently behind the dais, as documented in photos and videos by the watchdog organization Eye on the UN.

not surprisingly:
Annan has on previous years described the anniversary of the partition as "a day of mourning and a day of grief."

In 2004, Israel was the most criticized country in the UN, called out for censure more than twice as much as the next most criticized country, Sudan. The US tied for 4th place in the most-criticized category.


Mizgîn said...

The UN has an "anti-corruption" day??!

That's pretty funny! I see they didn't count themselves guilty of corruption in the Oil-for-Food fiasco!

Regarding the video, if all of the people at the conference, and the many Arab states, were really so worried about Palestinian Arabs, then why haven't they taken them in and made them equal citizens in their own countries?

Non-Kurdish Christians in Iraq have been fleeing to liberated Kurdistan for some time because of Sunni Arab murderers, and recently there was a news report that Barzanî officially opened Kurdistan to all Iraqi Christians.

Kurds fleeing Syrian-, Iranian-, and Turkish-occupation are also given refuge in Kurdistan.

Tiny liberated Kurdistan, with all the internal problems regarding lack of housing, ancient or broken infrastructure, and threats from all sides, is willing and able to make accomodation for Kurdish AND non-Kurdish refugees, but Arabs refuse to take in other Arabs who suffer not even a nano-fraction of what Iraqi Christians suffer, or what Kurds suffer under Turks, Iranians or Arabs.

On top of that there is the gross hypocrisy of the UN. As far as atrocities committed within individual states is concerned, the UN is an international body that maintains the "sacrosanct" nature of borders and it has always done so because the member states have always interpreted international law and UN resolutions in ways that serve to reinforce the sacred nature of their own borders and sovereignty.

It also appears to me that, over time, the UN has become the Arab Club par excellence. It's resolutions are designed to be used by Arabs for their own interests, which includes the destruction of Israel, or, as in the Oil-for-Food fiasco, serves to strengthen the ties of greed between the Arab Club and their many Western supporters.

Darfur is an example where both the idea of the preservation of national sovereignty (i.e. the refusal of states to intervene in the internal crimes of other states) and the idea of Arab Club come together. For example, Colin Powell, as Secretary of State, said that what was happening in Darfur (Sudan) is a genocide. The UN has said it is not genocide.

Still no one does anything about it, since the member states have self-interest at stake for the defense of the idea of sovereignty and the UN turns a blind eye to all the atrocities permitted or committed by Arabs.

Meanwhile, the Arab states go about doing what they do best, supporting murder within Sudan's borders.

I don't suppose Annan considers that every day in Darfur is "a day of mourning and a day of grief."

I am really disgusted.

Juanita said...

Point is well taken regarding the Arab "Club" of the UN. The Palestinians are the pawns of the Arabs. Most of the Arabs can't stand them and relegate them to very second-class status -- I think Jordan is the only country that has allowed them citizenship. They are allowed to fester because they know the situation is a thorn in Israel's (and the West's) side.

The Sudan situation is so revealing and your point stands out is bas relief there.

The UN is so corrupt that a UN anti-corruption day is a perfect oxymoron.