Thursday, December 29, 2005

Swarming Kurds? Or Nefarious Propagandists?

Nice little bit of analysis of journalistic propaganda at the Rastî site today. I used to think the issue of unfair news coverage was basically an Israeli issue, and lately a U.S. issue, but surprise! it is a Kurdish issue as well.

Much more of this type of analysis is needed to help us see past the journalistic bias and into the truth. Happily for Israel there are quite a few media watchdogs now, including CAMERA, HonestReporting, and Palestinian Media Watch -- not to mention of course MEMRI and many others now.

Where are the Kurdish equivalents of CAMERA? Whereever they are, they have a serious contender in Rastî. Check out his spin unspun here. We need to see more of this!

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Mizgîn said...

Sipas, Juanita. There has been quite a lot of anti-Kurdish propaganda carried in the media, especially since the liberation of South Kurdistan. I think much of it is coming through Arab and Turkish media.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, one of the biggest "slurs" that these media use is that of saying an independent Kurdistan will be a second Israel in the region.

Not altogether a bad idea, if we consider that such a Kurdistan would be the second democracy in the region, nor if we consider that such a Kurdistan would also be a lively center of technological research and innovation, a leader in education, agriculture, business and culture. Maybe there could be a little friendly competition with Israel in these fields, just to make it a more exciting.

All of this is a much better option than wallowing in pathos and paranoia as the neighbors love to do.