Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Couple of Terrific 'Blogs'

The first one is IRIS blog, an Israeli news blog. It is excellent but it is sometimes difficult to connect with, perhaps because it is in Israel.

The second is the "Rantburg" blog, which-justly- prides itself on Civil, Well-Reasoned Discourse -- not to mention pictures, like this one:

which illustrates this story:

Palestinian killed in Gaza blast
A Palestinian fighter has been killed in an explosion in a car in the southern Gaza Strip that Palestinian officials blamed on Israel. The Israeli army denied any involvement in the death on Saturday of
Khaled Abu Sitta, a senior leader of the Abu al-Rish Brigades, who was killed when his car blew up as he drove at night between the southern Gaza cities of Khan Yunus and Rafah. Palestinian security sources and members of the Abu al-Rish Brigades said an Israeli missile fired from an unidentified aircraft hit Abu Sitta's car, killing him and turning the vehicle into charred and twisted metal. The Abu al-Rish Brigades said they would avenge Abu Sitta's death. Abu Haron, a spokesman for the group, which is linked to the mainstream Fatah faction, said: "We do not forget the blood of our martyrs and our reaction will be strong and painful."The Israeli army, which often admits to strikes on fighters' cars, denied involvement in the incident. "The Israel Defence Forces was not involved in this incident," an army spokeswoman said.

These headlines can be found neatly laid out at Rantburg:

Finally: Senator Accuses NY Times of Endangering U.S. -
Mehlis: Syria killed al-Hariri Palestinian killed in Gaza blast
Bangladesh police seize arms cache
Another four die in tribal clashes in Dera Bugt -
Gitmo Detainee Attempts Suicide Again-
Al-Qaida in Iraq Claims Election Attacks-
Iran's president orders conditional suspension of IAEA protocol Syria Welcomes UN Move on Murder Probe
Saleh gets ruling party approval, may seek new term
Al Dulaimi puts priority on ending militancy
‘Imam Mehdi’ poster banned
EU condemns Ahmadinejad’s remarks
Khaleda Vows to Fight Terrorists
Turkish Military In Tense Ties With Govt.
Iraqi Sunni alliance ready to join coalition
Mother Sheehan Leads War Protest in Spain
Very Advanced Vaccination Gun
Le Pen gaining strength after riots
Ten killed as quake strikes Iran

So be sure and check it out for a quick look at the important headlines, with a twist.

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